Writer’s Block!


Want to know a secret?

The best way to avoid working on your second book is to try and market your first book. Well that and working your day job and spending time with your kids and watching TV and …

You get the picture.

I gave little to no thought to marketing my book before I published it. Yes, I did a little research, but I had no idea how hard it is to get people to notice my book much less buy it. I just hit submit on Amazon and anxiously waited for the sales and reviews to pour in and motivate me to write that second book. If you read some of my prior posts, you know that didn’t happen.

I decided to devote my “writing time” to marketing, but not all my writing time. Hey, I just published a book, I deserved a little break, right? I could get serious about writing after I created my writers website (done! brentjgriffiths.com you are probably on it right now). Maybe I could buckle down after I got a few more followers on twitter (follow me on @BrentJGriffiths!) I even managed to score a couple of interviews (check me out here and here.)

I then realized that I had managed to write about 2000 words in the last three months and I got to wondering if I had the dreaded “Writer’s Block” as popularized by any TV show, movie or book that contains a writer.

Instead of working on my next book, I decided to look it up on Wikipedia. I spent a good ten minutes reading up on “Writer’s Block” when the truth struck me.

I came to the conclusion that I do indeed have writer’s block, and that my particular form of writer’s block is nothing more than simple procrastination.

Yep, not having inspiration or being unable to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard) comes from simple work avoidance.

Writing can be mentally exhausting especially when you think about people actually reading your work, reading your work and possibly not liking it or judging you in some way — I bet you’re judging me right now, aren’t you. Believe me writers think about this crap all the time or at least I do. So I found other things to do that were not quite so uncomfortable, not quite so difficult.

I am not saying that “Writer’s Block” is the same for everyone. If it was the same for everyone there would be an entry in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (I spent another ten minutes looking this up as well).

Now I am a little more self-aware I can take steps to counter my lay-about-work-shyness and get back to writing that second novel… right after I make some sausages from scratch (check out the recipe on my food blog realfoodrealingredients.com!) Seriously I do need to make sausages, I have a five pound package of ground pork that is going to go off if I don’t do something about it.

Right after the sausages, I’ll sit down and bang out five hundred words maybe even a thousand.

Except the grass really needs to be cut and I really need to watch the latest Game of Thrones before I see too many spoilers while making sure all is well with the world on Google News.

I’ll write right after that.

Maybe. If I’m not too tired.


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