Goodreads Giveaway Complete

I wrapped up my first Goodreads Giveaway on Sunday.

I was really pleased with the results, 404 people added Ancient Evil to their “to read” shelves, 966 people entered the Giveaway and I gained 1 friend and 11 followers. Thank you followers!

Not too shabby.

I probably would have done even better if I opened up the Giveaway to more than just the US and Canada, but when you are an “indie author” you really need to watch those promotion pennies. Overseas postage can be a killer. I consider myself to be a citizen of the world so it is kind of disappointing to me that I needed to limit the Giveaway to certain countries. If the book starts selling more I should at least include the UK in a future Giveaway, the book is set in Scotland after all.

While I was here on the blog I thought I would capture some thoughts, experiences and tips about running a Giveaway, while they were still fresh.

My research for the Giveaway turned up a number of recommendations to run the giveaway for a month. A month! Are you freakin’ serious! I found it hard enough to monitor my stats for a week. I also had a theory (I always have a theory) that most people would enter the Giveaway on the first day, when it was near the top of the “Recently Listed” list and on the last day, when it approaches the top of the “Ending Soon” list.

It turned out that I was right (Yay me). Almost half of the people who added my book to their “too read” shelf on the last day of the Giveaway. A quarter of the participants added it on the first day of the Giveaway. My recommendation to my fellow authors out there is to hold multiple shorter Giveaways during the year rather than run it for a month.

I mailed off the signed copies of Ancient Evil to the lucky winners yesterday. I hope they enjoy reading the book and I really hope that if they do they leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon.

I’ll write again soon about the gargantuan task finding people to review my book.

Till next time.

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