Comic-Con Was Awesome!

I had a blast at Comic-Con last weekend in San Diego, hence the rather out of character exclamation mark in the title of this post.

It was a long but incredibly inspiring day.

I knew Comic-Con was big, but I really had no idea how big until I arrived. I ended up booking a parking spot about a mile from the convention center and I decided to walk the rest of the way instead of getting a shuttle, mostly because the line for the shuttle was fifteen people deep. It seemed that every person in San Diego on 8:30am that Saturday morning was either wearing a costume or a Comic-Con badge or both.

The conference center was huge with about thirty or so events happening at any one time. The big ballrooms had room for over a thousand attendees while some of the smaller rooms only held about fifty or so people.
I mostly stuck with the smaller sessions, but I did attend two of the big ones. The first was in “Ballroom 20”, which probably held about a thousand people. I just wanted to have a peek in so I followed the signs to the line outside the building. It’s never a good sign if you are directed outside to line up. I ended up waiting in line for almost an hour and when I eventually got into the room the session I had joined the line for was over and the session with the cast of American Dad was on the stage. Anyway… I had a quick look around and then quickly left for another session.

The other big session I attended was for The Magicians in a big ballroom in the Hilton beside the conference center. That one was really easy to get into. Never underestimate people’s laziness — being a little walk from the main conference winnowed out the poseurs. The session was moderated by Lev Grossman (the author of the books). He was pretty witty as he moderated the discussion with the cast and the show runners. Although the banter was entertaining, I mostly liked the fact that there was an auditorium full of people who wanted to know more about a piece of contemporary fantasy. Per my last post there is definitely an audience out there for my book, they just need to be able to find it.

The rest of the sessions I attended were related to writing I saw panels with authors such as William Gibson, Ransom Riggs, James Dashner, Brandon Mull, Melissa de la Cruz, Scott Westerfield, Ben H. Winters, Gini Koch, Seanan McGuire, Scott Sigler, and John Skovron.

Seeing other successful authors talk about writing, their books and their characters really inspired me, however the most inspiring panel I attended was about Neil Gaiman and he wasn’t even in attendance. This panel was the last one of the day and it was made up of people who worked with Neil and were developing film projects related to his work. Hearing these people talk about his work and how it inspired them was awesome. One of the projects was a documentary called the Temple of Art and included clips of artists talking about their art and the battles with self-doubt that every artist goes through. The theme was just get out there and create. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back. It was just the thing that I needed. You can see the trailer here:

Personally I would have but some dashes in the URL to avoid the word fart but you always think of these things after the fact.

Back to writing! There’s that exclamation point again, I am in danger of becoming (gasp) an extrovert.

Till next time.

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