Comic-Con this Weekend

I received my official Comic-Con badge in the mail a couple of days ago, just in time too as Comic-Con is this weekend!
It is pretty exciting for me as you know if you read my post from February here.

It is also a little overwhelming. I want to make the most of my visit as a Comic-Con virgin, but the schedule is freakin’ huge! My well thought out strategy of turning up and figuring out what I want to see when I arrive will need to change. I don’t think I will go full on project plan but a list may be in order. Scratch that, I just looked up parking and it looks like there was a lottery for parking spaces back in April! April! Three month prior to the event taking place. I need a project plan. I guess I am lucky to be fairly local, I can’t imagine the hotel situation.

Getting back to the schedule, the one that rally caught my eye was with William Gibson. I read Neuromancer about twenty years ago and really enjoyed it. I haven’t read anything that he published recently but seeing him will probably spur me to check out his recent novels. I must go through my book boxes to see if I can find some twenty year old paperbacks that I could get him to sign, if that is allowed.

The other session I am interested in is with the show runners and cast of The Magicians.

A few months ago on a flight to Boston, I stumbled across this show while scrolling through the free TV available on the plane and found The Magicians. I had heard of the book but did not know much about it, so I decided to give it a try. I got sucked in and binged my way through 3 episodes on the way out and watched a forth on the way back to San Diego. I would have watched more, but they only had the four episodes on the plane.

For those of you who know anything about The Magicians and have read my book, Ancient Evil, it will be pretty obvious why it resonated with me. For those of you who have not read Ancient Evil, shame on you! Go out and read it! Seriously though, I know that the group of people who have read Ancient Evil and seen The Magicians is a pretty exclusive group.

Like The Magicians, Ancient Evil is a contemporary fantasy set in at a college/university. It was gratifying to know that viewers and readers have an interest in that sort of thing, maybe some of them will read my book.

I have not seen any more episodes of the show yet because I am cheap and patient – a powerful combination. I will wait for it to show up on Amazon Prime or Netflix in a few months. The show did spur me to read the books, which I liked, but surprisingly enough I think I preferred the show more. It will be interesting for me to see the rest of the show is as good as the first few episodes.

Comic-Con will also feature in my next book Approaching Darkness, so this is not just a fanboy expedition, it’s also research.

Till next time.

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