Becoming a (minor) Bestseller

The writing business is tough. You pour your heart and soul into a project and hope that people will love it, but you’ll settle for people thinking it is okay, so when good news comes along it can really give you a lift.

My good news this week was to become a BESTSELLING AUTHOR on Amazon. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it. It actually isn’t. I’ll explain.

In a previous post I mentioned that I was experimenting with getting into certain categories on Amazon (see the post here ) . I ended up in a fairly small category on Amazon UK and Amazon Canada — unfortunately this particular category does not exist on Amazon US. I felt good about the category as I was listed in the top 200 or so without any actual sales.

Then two weeks ago I held a KDP Free Book Promotion. During the promotion I obsessively checked the stats to see how many downloads I was getting and whether I was getting any more reviews and lo and behold I was listed as #1 in free e-books in my category. I then checked the UK site and it also listed me as number 1. It didn’t really matter to me that there were only four books in the free ebooks category in Canada and twelve in the UK category. It was nice, but you can’t really call yourself a bestselling author if the book is free to download, right? You have not sold anything you just gave it away.

So this week I was checking in on the Amazon sites and I was shocked to see that I was listed as #1 in the “Top 100 Paid” in my category in Amazon Canada. Needless to say I immediately took a couple of screenshots, see below. Note that Neil Gaiman is number 2! Take that Gaiman! 

Best Seller newer

AE BestSeller

It was kind of cool seeing #1 even through it was only for a day or so.

Now I need to figure out if I can legitimately call myself a #1 Bestselling author on twitter. Hmm… maybe.

Till next time.

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